Assembled Woodboxes

Woodbox small up to 24 Channels

Woodbox - 24*

The Swiss made Woodbox is completely made of wood and is used for highest quality applications. Before leaving the production every box is 100% checked for function. Inside the box we just do single insulations. To connect the multipair to the box you can choose between 3 different mulitpin connectors (Syntax, Harting or Elco) can fixed to the box. All that boxes are also available in a do-it-yourself-version.

Dimensions: WxDxH = 177 x 387 x 106 mm

Order Numbers

WB 12/0  =  Woodbox assembled with 12 Sends, 0 Returns
WB 12/4  =  Woodbox assembled with 12 Sends, 4 Returns
WB 16/0  =  Woodbox assembled with 16 Sends, 0 Returns
WB 20/0  =  Woodbox assembled with 20 Sends, 0 Returns
WB 20/4  =  Woodbox assembled with 20 Sends, 4 Returns
WB20-LI  =  Empty Woodbox small
FB24       =  Front plate for Woodbox small with 24 D-series cut-outs
WB20-Abschlussbl1  =  Closing panel for Woodbox small with cut-out for multipin 54 Pole

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