Heavy Power Connectors

Line Drain


Innovative and ergonomic hand grips for easy handling (Drain line). With finger protection IP2X to prevent accidental touching of live contact parts. Contact to housing retention through flame-retardant UL94-VO plastic cotter pin. No special tools are required for assembling. Bayonet lock with secondary locking pin. Special ergonomic release-keys (supplied separately) for the release of the secondary locking pin.

Features & Benefits

• Intermateable with other versions
• CE compliant
• EN/ESI compliant
• Contact retained within the thermoplastic housing with a flame-retardant UL94-VO
  plastic pin. This method ensures quick assembling and disassembling.
  No special extracting tools are needed
• Heavy-duty ergonomic hand grip, with sides specifically designed
  for easy pushing/pulling when mating/unmating
• Metric thread M40 cable gland IP68 watertight compliant with
  EN/CE, adapters available for cables over 32 mm diameter
• Screw and Crimp terminals to facilitate cables from 25 mm² to 300 mm²
• Mechanically keyed to prevent mating errors
• Permanent marking to identify phase/line and safety information embossed
  on connector’s body
• Multipoint contact area
• Silver Plated Contacts
• High Impact bodies
• EN harmonized color coding (Europe).

You will find all technical information on the data sheet.

Typical Applications

• Electrical power systems
• Power distribution
• Outdoor concerts, sporting events and broadcasting
• Theatres
• Mobile generators
• Industrial vehicles
• Railway and military installations
• Load banks
• Backup power systems
• Electrical power supply companies

Order Numbers

SPX4LD1BR120MR      =  SPX Line Drain Line 1 brown
SPX4LD2BK120MR      =  SPX Line Drain Line 2 black
SPX4LD3GY120MR     =   SPX Line Drain Line 3 grey
SPX4LDNBL120MR      =  SPX Line Drain Line Neutral blue
SPX4LDEGN120MR      =  SPX Line Drain Line Ground green

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