speakON Chassis Connectors

The speakON panel mount connectors are the standard chassis connectors for loudspeaker / amplifier interconnections. They feature a unique metal locking system, making contact only once fully locked. The Speakon receptacles are robust, versatile and easy to terminate with either flat tab (Faston®) or screw terminals, pcb mount or soldering. They are available in 2, 4 and 8 pole configuration utilizing D size or G size panel cutout. The chassis connectors are airtight for audio applications (leakage 30 cm3/s at 10 kPa differential pressure) unless otherwise stated.

No suffix = solder termination or 3/16" flat tabs
H = horizontal pcb mount,
V = vertical pcb mount, straight pins
ST = screw terminal

Front and rear panel mount

Panel fastening
Standard: Countersunk mounting holes to accept M3 bolts or rivets
M3: M3 threaded insert
PCB mount: Self-tapping PLASTITE®* screw with thread 2.9 x 1.06 mm and of tri-rondular configuration (A-screw)
*PLASTITE® is a registered trademark of SFS Unimarket

For details about color, flange layout and fastening please refer to enclosed Flange and Fastening Layout under additional info.