Fibre Transmission Systems


The system uses advanced high speed multiplex architecture for the combination of 3 RGB , 1 clock and the DDC bus into a single data stream with a back channel using WDM technology. Two datastreams travel at the same time at different light wavelength making it possible to use only one wire ! Both EDID and HDCP information are transparently carried in this system over 400m/1000ft over a single fiber.


The FIBERONE PRO is unique in its design using Silicon Image TX and RX chips that have powerful Eqs und Reclockers built in avoiding typical problems of standard fiber transmitters that increase jitter to a rate where displays go out of sync. The transmission of DDC bus data over fiber is avoiding typical problems that can occur with hybrid fiber extenders that use fiber for high speed data and copper for the DDC bus.

Features & Benefits

*HDMI 1.3 compatible
*retrofit of opticalCON QUAD possible
*reclocker and Equalizer in TX and RX unit
*opticalCON DUAL socket (optional QUAD) opticalCON accepts standard LC connectors up to 400m/1000 ft distance
*uncompomised transmission of EDID and HDCP
*fully decoupling of transmitter and receiver
*accepts all PC and HD resolutions 1080p , WUXGA and 2k x 1k compatible
*RS-232 transmission bidirectional up to 115 kbaud
*Stereo Audio forward transmision internal
*power supply 110V - 250V
*Neutrik PowerCon mains conection
*19 inch rack mount included

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