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The SP-DIGIAUDIO-16X8 is a digital audio Matrix for optical and coaxial audio signals. The matrix offers 8 optical and 8 coaxial inuts. The 8 outputs are available as optical and coaxial making it 16 output connectors.

Due to this unique design the matrix might work as well as a 16-input switcher or 1 to 16 output amplifier. The unit is displaying its current status with 8 x 7-Segment displays that show for each of 8 adressable outputs the actual connection to one of the possible 16 inptus.

In addition we have built in 10 Presets that may be recalled using front button, Infrared or RS-232 control. if you use RG59 calbe the coax outputs can drive up to 100m/330ft cable. The unit is shipping with 19 inch rack mount adaptors.

Technical data

Power supply                        DC 5V
Optical Input                         8 x TOSLINK
Coax Input                            8 x RCA Connector
Optical Output                      8 x TOSLINK
Coax Output                         8 x RCA Connector
Possible Distance                100m/330ft with RG 59 for COAX out
Supported audio formats      Dolby Digital, DTS up to 5.1 Stereo Audio
Presets                                 10 individual Presets
Steuerung                             Front, IR, RS-232
Dims                                     430 mm x 44 mm x 210 mm

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