Spatz Tools


The HDMIPAT is the first affordable HDMI/DVI pattern generator offering a test function for 1.3 signals.


SP-EDIDFIX is the essential problem solver. It emulates a display for a PC or any other VGA and/or DVI source and makes it the ideal solution to prevent video loss with DVI switchers and matrix routers.


The SNIFFER is an affordable HDMI/DVI pattern generator, yet a very powerful one with all 3D formats and extended analysing functions.


DVI cable equalizer up to 60 metres with 1080p. The SP-DVIMAX LIGHT supports HDCP.


Freely programmable HDMI EDID manager. The device has 2 numerical displays and supports up to 11 pre-programmed and editable combinations of video resolutions and audio EDID. 1x HDMI input, 1x HDMI output, supports HDMI 1.3 incl. HDCP.