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The wireless extender system OP-HDWX-100-TR transmits Full-HD and USB HID up to 80 m (LOS - line of Sight).
The HDMI up to a max. of 1920x1080p@60Hz and 7.1 surround sound is coded H.264. A multicast operation is also possible to distribute 1 source to 4 receivers.

Features & Benefits

• Wi-Fi Standard: 802.11n, 5 GHz, internal antenna, 2x2 MIMO, (Max. bandwidth: 300 Mbps)
• Connection security: WPA/WPA2
• Supports up to 1920x1080, 60Hz video and 7.1ch audio
• H.264 CODEC
• HDMI V1.3 and HDCP 2.0 compatible
• Reach: up to 80 m
• Multicast: at 1:4 allocation and 1920x1080p@60Hz
• USB-reverse channel for operation of the remote PC on the receiving end (RX): HID for mouse and keyboard

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Beratung / Consulting

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