Modular Stage Boxes

The CONNEX MSS system reflects the experiences of numerous users. With a flexible and modular concept adapting to every situation, this system is based on 3 RU and 6 RU modular housings made of powder-coated sheet steel which, in contrast to aluminium housings, are not prone to EMC-interferences.
In order to comply with the highest professional standards (German Institute for Broadcast Engineering IRT), all internal connections are floating and symmetrical. A 4-core wiring arrangement (Life+, Life-, channel and housing components) is used per signal path. All components are generally separated from each other. A 16-core flat ribbon cable with gold-plated HARTING SEK connectors is used as the connecting cable. All internal connections are solderless and lockable.
Starting from a basic configuration, the CONNEX MSS system is expandable with increasing requirements. The connectors are handled through machine-soldered and completely secure interface boards. We distinguish between modular housings with panes for HARTING rectangular connectors (clamp lock) and LK-circular connectors (bayonet catch).