Spatz Matrix

SP-HDMI-X44 1.3-Ve1

The HDMI-X44 1.3 is a 4x input to 4x output matrix switcher that allows independent routing of 4 HMDI input signals.<br>Each display output has its own input selection enabling to assign any of the 4 HDMI inputs to display 1, 2, 3 or display 4.


The SP-HDMI-X45 is an innovative matrix for smaller to mid-size installations. It switches 4x HDMI inputs to 5x outputs, which are divided into two zones. The device features audio, EDID and IR management.


The SP-SUPERMIX is an innovative PIP processor with extensive operation options and uncompromising image quality, for four image signals which can be shown simultaneously in Full HD resolution. The device uses four full-value scalers to allow any combination of the four input signals, e.g. overlays with transparency or blending between the images. <br>The device features four basic modes:<br>Matrix 4x4, PIP/seamless switching or videowall. The SP-SUPERMIX-REMOTE is optionally available for mobile applications.

The SP-HDMI-X24 is a 2 input / 4 output matrix switcher that allows independent outing of 2 HMDI input signals.


SDI matrix for 3G up to 1080p, 16 inputs to 4 outputs.


Remote for the SP-SUPERMIX processor. It is possible to call up ten defined presets. The remote can be used at a distance of up to 100 m from the SP-SUPERMIX via a standard microphone cable (XLR).