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Do you operate for example an audio or video reproduction device, that is connected to an external amplifier? And do you then also recognize that there is no possibility to switch such an amplifier automatically on or off?

The AVT-11 will do that for you. One can program the AVT-11 with infrared commands. As soon as the AVT-11 recognizes an analogue audio or video signal from the output of the reproduction device (threshold adjustable), it sends for example an ON signal via infrared command to the amplifier. There is a possibility to program 2 subsequent commands (macro) in ON and OFF mode. To bridge music pauses a switching-off delay of up to 255 seconds can be programmed. In addition the AVT-11 is able to control further instruments via potential-free contacts a an alternative to IR signals.

The power adapter and cable connector must be ordered separately (IRT-POWERKITAVT-11).

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