In-house Assembly

DVI-D male connector with 24+1 pins, gold-plated contacts and metal housing.

Metal housing with knurled screws and strain relief.

For individual assembling: fully assigned HDMI female receptacle with screwing terminals. Minimum mounting depth: 27 mm.

Black DVI-D single-link bulk cable, 4 x 2 x 0.64 mm², 5 x 0,14 mm², stranded in pairs, with an outer diameter of 10 mm and FRNC jacket.

With the NX-HDMI-QUICKTEST it is possible to determine if all components are correctly assembled and configured. Cables can be checked for corresponding pins, loose connections or possible double configurations.

With this assembling case NX-DIY-HDMICASE you have everything you need to assemble your own HDMI components. The set contains: 1x crimping tool (NX-HDMI-DIY-CTOOL), 1x continuity tester (NX-HDMI-QUICKTEST), 10x HDMI connectors (NX-HDMI-DIY-Plug), 10x cable guides (NX-HDMI-DIY-GUIDE) and 5x compression guides (NX-HDMI-DIY-Comp). Suitable cable: NX-HDMI-KABEL-CU.