Flexible Patch Cables

Grey patch cable UC300 HS26 4P, Cat.5e, SF/UTP, 4 x 2 x AWG 26, with copper stranded wire, FRNC jacket, foil and braided shield and an outer diameter of 5.7 mm.

Etherflex cable Cat5e with PUR-jacket, for SF/UTP, AWG 26

Red patch cable UC900 SS27 4P, Cat.7, S/FTP, 4 x 2 x AWG 27, with copper stranded wire, PUR jacket and an outer diameter of 5.9 mm. This cable ist wear-resistant and very flexible.

Etherflex Patch cable Cat.7A with PUR-Jacket, for S/FTP, AWG 26

Patch Cable Cat7 Multiroom, S/FTP, LSHF, AWG 26

ZNK CD60049295

The black Cat.7 EtherflexMax 10Gig data cable with its robust PUR jacket is especially suitable for the transmission of digital audio protocols such as Dante, even over long distances. The S/FTP shielded cable with 4 x 2 x AWG 23/7 stranded wires and an outer diameter of 9.3 mm has a very low attenuation (52.1 dB / 100 m @ 1000 MHz).