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Field Repair

1. opticalCON  Repair Options

The opticalCON fiber optic connection system offers ruggedized connectors and cables optimized for demanding environments and high mating cycles.
The probability of damage to connectors or cables may be disregarded. If, however, such damage should occur against all expectations, Neutrik is prepared to offer repair options.

2. Cable Connector Field Repair

Most robust fiber optic connection systems are proprietary and can't be repaired on site when having a problem and time matters.
The opticalCON connection system is based on regular LC connectors, so it is possible to use conventional field installable LC connectors to fix your connection in case of an emergency.

Neutrik has tested various systems and suggests the usage of Corning UniCam® LC connectors.

3. Corning UniCam® Connectors

The patented Corning UniCam® connector is a mini-pigtail housed in a connector body. There is a fiber stub already bonded into the ferrule in the factory, where the end face of the ferrule is polished to a PC finish. The other end of the fiber is cleaved and resides inside the connector. The field
fiber is cleaved and inserted into the connector until it "butts up" against the fiber stub. A simple rotating cam actuation process completes the connector with no epoxy or polishing required. After strain relieving the fiber to the connector, it is ready to be mated to another connector inside an adapter.

Features & Benefits

  • Field installable LC connector
  • No Epoxy / No Polish
  • Factory polished fiber stub
  • Performs a mechanical splice to the factory-installed fiber stub
  • Contains index matching gel for reliable, consistent results
  • Over 30 million UniCam® connectors installed
  • Continuity Test Set available to provide immediate visual feedback of the installation quality during assembly
  • Attenuation values < 0,75 dB

The most significant advantages of the UniCam® connector are clear when using it for installation at the outlet. The only tools required are a stripper, a cleaver, the installation tool, and an alcohol pad. As a result, assembly space can be kept to a minimum, set-up is quick, and assembly is relatively fast and easy with no consumables.

4. Cable Field Repair using the Corning CamSpliceTM

Corning Cable Systems CamSpliceTM Mechanical Splice is simple and craft friendly for both multimode and single-mode fibers. It features a "cam" locking mechanism, which requires no adhesive. The CamSpliceTM Mechanical Splice incorporates a unique, patented fiber alignment method that self-centers the fibers and provides extremely accurate alignment. Average "blind" (non-tuned) splice loss for the CamSplicTM Mechanical Splice is specified at 0.15 dB with a minimum loss less than 0.3 dB. There is only one part for 250/250 µm, 250/900 µm or 900/900 µm applications (one size fits all).
The CamSpliceTM Mechanical Splice requires as the UniCam® an initial training and few accessories to assemble. The assembly process involves stripping and cleaving fibers, inserting the fibers into the splice part until they touch and turning the cams to secure the fibers. The process does not involve any adhesives or special tools, although an optional assembly fixture is recommended.

Features & Benefits

  • No adhesive or epoxy required
  • Universal, one-part-fits-all fiber coatings
  • Rematable, tunable
  • No polishing required
  • Self-centering fiber alignment mechanism
  • Optional lead-in tubes for securing 900 µm fibers
  • Index-matching gel pre-inserted
  • No stress on fiber in alignment area
  • Small assembly fixture recommended, but optional
  • Fits in industry-standard splice trays
  • Requires the same cable preparation tools as the Corning UniCam® (Toolkit TKS)
  • An optional assembly fixture is available

5. Field Repair Toolkit

The Corning Field Repair Toolkit contains everything needed for a UniCam® / CamspliceTM assembly:

  • Connector Installation Critical Steps Card
  • UniCam Connector Installation Recommended Procedures Document
  • UniCam® Connector Installation Video
  • UniCam® Connector Strip Length Gauge Card
  • UniCam® Connector EliteTM Tool Kit Installation Tool
  • UniCam® Connector Crimp Tool 
  • Score and Snap Fiber Cleaver 
  • Fiber Stripper
  • No-Nik® Stripper
  • Jacket Stripper
  • Electrician's Scissors
  • Number Marker
  • Tweezers
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Permanent Marker
  • Electrician's Tape 
  • Black Adhesive Anvil Strips
  • MSDS, 411 Adhesive 
  • MSDS, Alcohol Wipes
  • Visual Fault Locator VFL-350
  • UniCam Connector Continuity Test Set for single-fiber connectors (includes CTS Adapters and Test Jumpers)
  • UniCam® Connector Standard Tool Bag

6. Ordering Info
UniCam® and CamspliceTM are products and trademarks of Corning Cable Systems.
The field repair toolkit, the field installable UniCam® LC connectors as well as the mechanical splice CamspliceTM can be ordered at:

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