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Thinklogical KVM Extender

Excellent image quality with no frame and bit dropping characterize Thinklogical fiber optic extension products. The use of SFP modules guarantees long life and flexibility.

There are a number of extender models with different features available. Most models can be combined with each other. Thus for example it is possible to run a DVI transmitter with a RGB receiver. Some models are available with factory-installed opticalCON Neutrik connectors.

Features (depending on model):
KVM modules for 19’’ Chassis T-4200 or Stand-alone devices. DVI Single Link and Dual Link, RGB, DDC, HDCP, EDID, Full duplex Stereo Audio, RS232, USB 1.0 HID, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, Ethernet network. Singlemode and Multimode.

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