Spatz Extender


The SP-MINIDOCK switches between one HDMI input and one VGA input and transmits the input signal via HD-BaseT up to 100 m to the receiver. The transmitter is being fed with operating voltage by the receiver. In addition to the VGA signal, a separate stereo audio signal can be transmitted. The equipment doesn‘t have an integrated scaler so no loss of quality may occur. The device is compatible with 3D and HDCP.


The SP-HDMIMAX is a cable equalizer and repeater. Distances of >15 m can be bridged, with full resolution (1080p) up to 60 m.


SP-SUPERCAT is a revolutionary CAT Extender for HDMI and DVI signals with numerous features for all kind of applications.


The SP-CATONE is a special version of an extender for HDMI 1.4 which only needs a Cat.5e/6/7 cable (solid inner conductors, AWG 24) for the transmission of audio and video. The device is 3D-capable and can transmit RS-232 as well as IR. It is also EDID-transparent. Distance: up to 70 m.

This set solves reliably all problems in professional installations where only one multimode cable is available.