etherCON Accessories

etherCON CAT6A feedthrough coupler for cable extensions

etherCON RJ45 feedthrough coupler for cable extensions

Yellow data cable connector RJ45 HRS (Hirose), screened, Cat.6a, without bushings. Suitable for NE8MC*. For stranded wires 27-24 and solid wire AWG 27-26.


Spring-loaded sealing cover


Wire manager (spare part) for etherCON CAT6A NE8MX6 for re-assembly.


Wire manager for etherCON CAT6A NE8MX6-T for re-assembly (spare part).


M3 mounting frame

Sealing kit for etherCON D-Series

Nickel self-tapping PLASTITE® screw 2.9 x 1.06 tri-rondular configuration, 12 mm long, countersunk

Black self-tapping PLASTITE®* screw 2.9x1.06 tri-rondular configurations, 12 mm long, countersunk
*PLASTITE® is a registered trademark of SFS Unimarket

Black self tapping PLASTITE® screw 2.9 x 1.05 tri-rondular configuration, 8 mm long, panhead

Crimping tool PEW12 for shielded HRS-RJ45 connectors.

Crimping tool for Molex 44915 RJ45 male connectors (included in the Neutrik set NE8MC6-MO).

Plastic press-in tool for assembling NE8F*-V-YK-* with IDC terminals (Krone).


Parallel press tool for etherCON CAT6A series

Professional press-in tool for assembling NE8F*V-YK-* with IDC terminals (Krone), including wire cutter and two swing out auxiliary tools.

Colored sleeves for NE8CAT6-HRS-RJ45 cable connectors in different colours. For cables with outer diameter from 5,5 to 7mm

Colored bushings for NE8MC and NE8MC-B

Colored bushings

Colored bushings

Color coding rings for female receptacles

Lettering plate for D-shape-connectors; Colors: 0-black, 1-brown, 2-red, 3-orange,
4-yellow, 5-green, 6-blue, 7-violet, 8-grey, 9-white.