Spatz Converter


The SP-HDMISDI is a converter and extender, which can transmit HD/SDI signals up to 100 m (tested with coaxial cables by DRAKA). The device allows a resolution of up to 1080p and is equipped with 1x HDMI input, 1x audio input (Cinch R+L) as well as 2x HD/SDI outputs.


Converts VGA to DVI.


The SP-XHDMI is a versatile low-cost scaler and is perfectly suitable for applications with modern LCD TVs and in professional environments as universal up-scaler. It is equipped with one HDMI input and output.


The SP-DEEMBEDD-3 uses a full HDMI receiver and transmitter chipset to recover a HDMI signal to become a virtually new signal with the ability to deembedd the HDMI audio signals. The instrument is extremely suitable to recycle weak signals and to simultaneously extract the stereo audio signal or 5.1 dolby digital audio.