19" Technology

Contrik offers you a comprehensive 19" rack range, with a wide range of mounting and expansion possibilities, all from one source.

We have redesigned our rack range for you. The Professional Series consists of racks for professional use which are designed for users who are counting on a tidy appearance and/or mobile racks. The Standard Series is made up of standard racks, which, for example, remain in place in a utility room. Of course, they all come with the corresponding accessories.

Our 19" wall boxes will give you a connection point in almost any location.

The various installation elements available give you a wide range of expansion options. Our range includes panels for the Neutrik A, B or D series, as well as BNC and FLF panels. Panels for RJ45 patch panels have recently arrived.

The range is rounded out by our new 19" CSS Contrik Power Rails. Let yourself be inspired for your future installations. We are happy to equip and mark your panels as desired. Can't see the right design? Then ask us. We can also prepare individual racks and panels for you.