Rubber Power Distributors

Rubber Power Distributor 32A


Event technology material and instruments have due to a wasting environment a very high quality demand.
Especially instruments that are sometimes thrown during installation need to be very rugged. In this case it is preferrable to use elastic material. CONNEX's Rubber Power Distributors are inherently very stable and easy to transport or to store. They have a high dielectric strength and creep resistance, not even acids or leaches can harm them.

Features & Benefits

  • Rubber wire 1,5 m, H07 5x 6 mm²
  • Shock-resistant 7 mm full rubber housing
  • MENNEKES Connectors
  • Suited for wall fastening
  • Integrated handle
  • Cable bending protection
  • IP44

Order Numbers

13110003 = 2x CEE16A, 6x LS

13110001 = 6x Schuko, 6x LS

13110002 = 6x Schuko, RCD, 3x LS

13110005 = 3x CEE32A blue 3pole

13110009 = 6x SEV23, 6x LS

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Beratung / Consulting

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