DMX - Splitter

DMX Splitter DS-260


The application of DMX splitters is especially necessary for lighting systems, because only proper fuse and processing of signals guarantee a faultless control function. Simple stinging of distances might lead to fault accumulation, which can have an impact on the entire system. DMX Splitter avoid these cases. In addition the fault localization is easier, because only parts can be affected. Signals according to RS422/RS485 are processed as well as USITT DMS-512 and AVAB standards.


All interfaces are galvanically isolated and there are one mains adapter per interface.

Features & Benefits

  • 2x IN (ESD secured) 6x OUT
  • Integrated DMX IN-tester with display Buffer amplifier (Booster)
  • Ground-Lift and phasing-switch Switch options between »2x1 in 3« and »1x1 in 6«
  • Dismountable IEC connector 19"
  • 1RU
  • 2x1 in 3 or 1x1 in 6 - XLR 5 pole
  • 115/230 V AC

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