In-house Assembling

High-level In-house Assembly and Service

Contrik AG is one of the leading Swiss suppliers of high-quality cables, connectors and instruments tailored to all requirements in the entire entertainment industry. In our in-house factory we develop customized and versatile, high-quality products and we are continually working on avant-garde concepts and imaginative solutions in order to further expand our range of services.


Our in-house assembly department for individual production offers assembly, repair and support service in very short time. We close the gap between personal consulting and customized production and can thus assemble individual, customer-specific cables in the proper specification, amount and length in an instant. Our in-house assembly service is therefore an efficient, highly flexible and very time-and cost-effective service. In addition we provide cables with customized branding on request.


Correct configuration according to wiring diagrams, faultless, clean processing and quality checks before delivery are of course of crucial importance for us. Therefore, we have the necessary equipment and means of production to ensure accurate, cost effective products of consistent quality.


Our experienced employees have a long-standing and profound know-how and ensure a high quality cable assembly according to our customers’ specifications. They’re experts in the art of clean hand soldering and precise crimping. With their nimble dexterity, their expert eye and a high precision work our employees provide the optimum conditions for clean, breakage-and failure-free contact points.


We are happy to consult you personally and assemble your cables in our factory according to your specifications. But you can also buy a wide range of our standard products from one of our resellers in your area.

In-house Assembling